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merry x mast too my friend
I know ET is dead and I know you are not recruiting but what would it hurt spin So what do you think? Soul Deceiver.

Ive been in a few clans (|CE) and (USEF) to name the higher clans that used to be out there. Had a clan of my own called (GW) Gods of Wrath right before the downfall of ET.
tried it but jaymod is missing...where can i find it...
10 years as past since i played my first ET game with you guys..if that is not nostalgia...i don't know what it is lol i miss so much the old good days when everyone was playing that game...miss all of you guys..take all good care of yourselves everyone and hoping to see y'all on the field soon
Hi, yes it could be nice if you change maps. Starwars, snipers and panzer war are not funny, could you please change these by other ones interesting?, can not recommed sorry.
Welcome Bro!
Got so many good memories with him, one of the fun memories, well probely was a pain in the ass for our team mates, was on the NQ server, don't now how many times we started a poison war, even as team mates. But got funny stories of Digger too. ;)
yeah, I think Willy is a young one just recently married...but he is a on/off player so maybe not considered a regular? I'm also in the over 50 crowd, so don't hog all the orange viagras :p
I thought we just encouraged the sack drag, not the dip?
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I was impressed by what they saw, then that is pretty good.
Hello BBA members!!!

Just created a forum login and will make a donation shortly. Really enjoy playing ET and the usual cast of players (e.g. HIM, Sissy, Ward, etc.) that are found nightly on US East Coast time. Sons are after me all the time about playing an outdated online game but really enjoy it.

I'm an ol timer looking to retire in a few years so my reflexes are not up to par with you youngsters! I read the rules (icuris drops, joining the defense team, no T Bagging, etc.) so I think I am up to speed. I'm sure one of you guys will give me some correction as needed.

Thanks for all the fun in ET!

Fespon5092 wrote:
This game features unique weapon attachment setups, a cash-based virtual economy, a robust clan system, hot key customization and full screen support.

It delivers an immersive FPS gaming experience and you can get all that BeGone has to offer completely free. BeGone is quickly accessible from your browser and no signup is required.

Sorry bud, I'm still hung up on the marsupial with the burning penis.
Hi guys. what movie you think has the best soundtrack ever made?
Mine 'The Good the bad and the ugly'.
Ennio Morricone created an amazing soundtrack for that movie, for any of you wondering it's called The Ecstasy of Gold.
Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.
Fespon5092 wrote:
I used to like hip-hop. I like rock as well.

How about you? Glad to know! chin

Heavy metal!
hi all,

Everyone has their own beliefs. I do,too and it's Buddism. I'd like to know what you think about my religion. Feel free to express your own opinion, but don't offend others'


Thank you very much. I play by Piton on work when there is not crowd.
At home the nick is Severus and my family uses it.
Thanks see you on ET. hail
bloodbane wrote:
As long as he doesn't sing for us eek

It'll end quick if he bans himself... lmao wtg
Fespon5092 wrote:
yeah, it sounds like a combination of English and German, correct? shrug

Google translate is totally baffled, makes this all the funnier lmao


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