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  Buffalo Bad Asses :: View topic - Windows 7 tweaks for better GAMEPLAY
Windows 7 tweaks for better GAMEPLAY

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:23 am    Post subject: Windows 7 tweaks for better GAMEPLAY Reply with quote

Force windows core to ram:::Force windows core to and device drivers to be stored always on ram and not in the pagefile (HDD).

Improve DNS caching::NS caching makes browsing the internet faster

-Disable NTFS Last Accessed Stamp:::everytime you or any application opens a file windows updates the file's last accessed time. This means some additional work for both the system and the hard drive, therefore disableing the last access stamp increases your system's performance. For most users there is no reason to have the last accessed stamp working. This setting does not affect the last modified stamp.

-Disable DOS 8.3 name creation for files:::for reasons of backwards compatability to very old DOS programs windows still today stores so called 8.3 names of each files you have. According to microsoft, the information is practically useless and will slow down your system!

-Disable performance counters:::windows monitors and saves tons of data every second you use it. This data can be very valuable in some cases but if you are normal home user and dont wish to use the performance monitor tool of windows you will improve your systems performance by checking this option

3.0 Boost Windows 7 Boot


Go to the “Start Menu“, type “MSCONFIG ” in the search box and press Enter. The Windows system configuration tool will start. It might ask you for Administrator password before continue.

Click the “Boot” (2nd) tab

Click “Advanced Options” button

Select the number of processors you have and the amount of memory available. For example, if you’re using a Dual Core processor then you should select “2″ from processors drop down menu, if you have a Quad Core processor, you should select “4″ from the processor drop down menu, etc.

Now Press “Ok“, then “Apply“, MSCONFIG might ask you to re-boot your computer.
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