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  Buffalo Bad Asses :: View topic - If you need to Reinstall ET, Look HERE
If you need to Reinstall ET, Look HERE

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:27 pm    Post subject: If you need to Reinstall ET, Look HERE Reply with quote

Ok so there might not be a topic like this but if there is, u can put the link, n lock this topic lol. Anyhow, this is the right way to reinstall Et.

First off, Backup ur Etkey located in ur etmain folder. Second, back up anything u need in ur wolf folder, like Important pk3 files, Like jaymod in case u don't want to redownload it, Cfg Aka Ur settings, screenshots, demos, anything like that. After all that double check to make sure u leave nothing behind.

I would recommend to put all that stuff in a folder, on a cd. Anyhow, after u get done with all that, go to uninstall/reinstall programs in ur control panel, look for et, n uninstall it. After that, go back to where ur wolf folder was, n delete that too.

Now, I hope u got Et install, on a disk, or somewhere on ur harddrive. If not, u can get it anywhere, just google for enemy territory. U can also get it from filefront at this link

Enemy Territory Download

After u got it, Install a fresh copy of et, then after that u need the patches, or patch, not sure if u really need all of them. They can be found on Filefront. I will post the links.

Patch 2.60

This patch is needed to play on Core, n Euro

Patch 2.60b

Far as I know, u only need this patch if u want to play on Et Pro servers. To install this patch, u will need to backup ur current et.exe file by Renaming it to Et_bu.exe then go into the 2.60b zip file,n extract that et.exe file into ur etmain folder. Thereafter u should have no problem joining et pro servers.

Et Linux Patch 2.56

Not sure if this is needed if ur running Windows, or Linux for that matter, i never tried it so try it for urself. Iam sure u don't need 1.02 patch, or 2.56 as the Et found on filefront is already patched up to 2.56. Anyhow, that should do it for patches.

OR, u can download ET, all patched up to 2.60 so u can start playing on Core. U can get it here.

Enemy Territory 2.60

Here is the one with the 2.60b patch in it.

Enemy Territory 2.60b

I noticed some have ET for Mac, well there is one for Mac too. Here. There is two of them, one for 2.60c n 2.60d

Enemy Territory Mac 2.60c

Enemy Territory Mac 2.60d

Now on to the next step. U will need to go grab PbSetup.exe if u have not already burn this to disk, as backup or like me, keep downloads in a folder. Anyhow, here is the link to pbsetup if u need it.


Go down till u see download links, n click on the one u need. After that, follow the instructions on that page,n on how to set it up. Then, after all that, u can go ahead, n put ur cfgs back into etmain, along with ur et key.

BUT!!!! Make sure u start up et, from etmain FIRST so that u can set it up, i.e. Make a profile, enable punkbuster,n all that mess. Because if u join a server, without setting it up first, n will mess things up. trust me i did that on my first reinstall of et. Lol, anyhow, after u set it up for the first time, go ahead n play. Thats pretty much it. If i missed anything, post it here. I hope this helps people out.
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