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  Buffalo Bad Asses :: View topic - "Wow" Moments (the bad kind of wow)
"Wow" Moments (the bad kind of wow)

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 3:06 am    Post subject: "Wow" Moments (the bad kind of wow) Reply with quote

1. Okay me and 3 other players as survivors on versus are doing average on Blood Harvest. All of a sudden our tactical leader gives the order for 2 of our players to go outside and hit the switch to fire the canon, while he covers them with sniper rifle and I cover him from being pounced. Well, you might be thinking the players went afk or raged quit...Wrong! The 2 players went out and started running in circles like some kind of dog chasing it's tail. I did not know whether to laugh or cry at what I was looking at when our tactical sniper leader said "You gotta be (curse word) kidding me!" Well, I got smoked and when the leader tried to save me he got pounced, but wait there is a sign of hope....The 2 players running around in circles were running to save us, but one of them thought it was the perfect time to heal (had green blood) and his buddy got boomed. In the end the hunter was done with our leader and went ahead and ended the match. So close yet so far from beating their score. Lesson Learned: Next time bring doggy treats.

2. In a versus match on Dead Air 4 of us special infected (2 hunters, 1 smoker, 1 boomer) are about to beat the other team with major points. All we needed was for 1 hunter to get the survivor that had fallen behind, so we start cheering him on for the pounce and he misses the first 2 tries. Okay I am fine with that, but here comes the "wow" part...He comes back to us 3 who were very far still from where the running alive survivor was (me as boomer helping horde kill survivor, 1 guy pulling to death as smoker a survivor, and 1 guy as hunter pounced on survivor) and decides to go ahead and steal the smokers pull. The survivor player running alive then went ahead and helped boomed guy recover, killed hunter and finally smoker and the other hunter. Wait it does end there, he then afterwards starts yelling in voice chat at smoker for not grabbing the running survivor when he pounced. Lesson Learned: Always bring extra smoker tongues for plan B.

I know some of you got some interesting ones to share. lol
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